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GoodTask for Mac Trial version is available

From our latest release 1.2, we’ve made trial version of the app for the people who want to try out the app first.

Hope it’s useful. Thanks!


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GoodTask for Mac is released

GoodTask comes to Mac!

GoodTask extends Built-in Reminders to a Powerful Task Manager. Look through your tasks on gorgeously designed List, Day, Week and Month views.

Reminders has been always great but it is limited to simple usage. We wanted to make it powerful and gorgeous by using the data effectively for the users that love Reminders.

Tasks can be done anytime but it gets done easily if you have set the due time. With GoodTask, you can easily set due dates and keep your tasks on certain dates.

There are things that need to be done on 1st Sundays or 20th day of each month. You can fully customize your tasks with your own recurrence rule.

GoodTask is a powerful Reminders client but it also shows calendar events. See your schedule at a glance and check your tasks immediately.

Tasks you’ve done during busy days are all stored in Reminders. Look through them easily and see what you have done in day/week/month timeframe.

This Week has a new name, GoodTask

This Week has a new name, GoodTask!

With its new name, it has got a brand new clean icon and lots of features added.

- Calendar Events are shown at the bottom. Manage your tasks with your events at a glance
- Filters. Customize each views to add/remove undated tasks, completed tasks and events.
- Additional lists on List view. (iPhone only) All tasks, Undated tasks, Recurring tasks available.
- Dots are added on dates for more intuitive view (Week/Month view)

Download Link :

This Week has been released

This Week – To-do on a weekly basis (Reminders/Checklist)

Q. What is This Week?
A. This Week is a to-do app on a weekly basis based on Reminders.

Q. Why did you make This Week? There are already tons of to-do apps.
A. Yes. This Week may be just yet another to-do app. But we thought about doing things differently. It’s good to just clear things and get rid of it but we thought the progress is more important. You can list up things easily and it’ll follow you whether you do it or not. But as you do it, it’ll stay at where it has been done. You can look back what you’ve done on weekly basis and this will let you check how your doing and make you grow.

Q. Sounds great. But is that it?
A. No. That’s just the beginning. There are tons of detail inside the app that makes you achieve things easily. Try it now.

This Week – To-do app on a weekly basis from Tiger Kim on Vimeo.

One Stroke Painting. Puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

We’ve released a puzzle game named ‘One Stroke Painting’

It’s a simple puzzle game that has a goal to reveal the drawings from famous artists with one stroke. You start from No.1 and follow the sequence of numbers to paint the entire board.

Game is free with 3 artists which has 450 levels. We provide additional artists by in-app purchases for which makes a total of 1350 levels. Below are some details.

App Store Description :

Reveal the drawings from famous artists!

One Stroke Painting is FREE puzzle game
which is comfortable, enjoyable and also addictive.

Rules :
Paint the entire board with one stroke!
Start from No.1 and follow the sequence of numbers.

Do not leave anywhere empty to reveal the masterpiece.

Link :