This Week has been released

This Week – To-do on a weekly basis (Reminders/Checklist)

Q. What is This Week?
A. This Week is a to-do app on a weekly basis based on Reminders.

Q. Why did you make This Week? There are already tons of to-do apps.
A. Yes. This Week may be just yet another to-do app. But we thought about doing things differently. It’s good to just clear things and get rid of it but we thought the progress is more important. You can list up things easily and it’ll follow you whether you do it or not. But as you do it, it’ll stay at where it has been done. You can look back what you’ve done on weekly basis and this will let you check how your doing and make you grow.

Q. Sounds great. But is that it?
A. No. That’s just the beginning. There are tons of detail inside the app that makes you achieve things easily. Try it now.

This Week – To-do app on a weekly basis from Tiger Kim on Vimeo.

9 comments on “This Week has been released

  1. Ali Coskun on said:

    Dear support team,

    Since the last update I have problems with my alerts, they won’t go off at the time I have set. They go off randomly, can you help me please?

    Thanks in advance.

    With kind regards,
    Ali Coskun

    • We’re aware of the bug and it’ll be fixed on next update. Until then, you can go into the task that’s working weird and turn off the alarm and turn it back on. It’ll fix the issue. We’re working hard to bring you universal version of the app on next update. Thanks!

  2. Sarah Williams on said:

    There is no way to manually order the lists and no way to filter out the undated tasks? these are basic and vital functions. Often the app does not save changes. Disappointed in the app so far.

    • Hi Sarah, I’m sorry about your disappointment. We’ve uploaded a new version with bugs fixed and it’ll work much better as it gets released when Apple approves it. Your suggestions are all in the list of upcoming updates. We’re working hard to make the app better. I hope you get to like it as it improves. Thanks for your support!

  3. Hello.

    I love this app. I used Gneo for ios a while, but ‘this week’ is alot better and faster. I have a suggestion maybe you can build in the app.
    When setting the time i do not like the wheel. I think it’s easier to tap numbers in a calendar view. It’s much faster. Take a look at calendars and calendars 5 from developer readdle.
    But without this option it’s still the best app on my devices!! Thanks

    • Hi Marco, thanks for the compliment! We’re preparing an update that doesn’t show the wheel while you’re not editing it. I’ll look into the apps you’ve mentioned and see what can be done more. We have lots of things to bring on and it’ll come to you one by one. I’m glad you like the app. Thanks!

  4. Ali Coskun on said:

    Dear support team,

    I love to use This Week and it’s getting better and better, but I have some issues regarding the app badge.
    Is it true that This Week doesn’t have the option to update the app badge on the background?
    I also miss your app in the list of the apps in the alerts section of the iphone settings where you can select the alert options for This Week.
    When I create a task with due date tomorrow, the This Week doesn’t show me this task on the app badge next day, until I open close the app.

    Thanks in advance.

    With kind regards,

  5. It’s great and exactly what I want. And I hope it would have the sync with Dropbox feather soon.

    • Thanks for your compliment! This Week uses default Reminders data and syncs through iCloud. Using Dropbox sounds like it’ll make it more complicated. Don’t you think?

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