My Wonderful Days Mac version is released!

I’m glad to tell you that today we’ve released mac version of My Wonderful Days. :)

It has been long days since we started building this beautiful product and finally before the end of the year, it’s out to the world.

We’ve tried to make the use as similar as iPad version with fit on mac. I love using it on mac writing about my day with ease.

It supports retina display and of course iCloud sync with the app on iPhone and iPad.

Hope you like the app. It’s available on Mac App Store. Currently on sale so get it now! :)

Link :

Happy holidays and hope you have a wonderful day! :D

40 comments on “My Wonderful Days Mac version is released!

  1. Daniel Owen on said:

    Probably uncool to ask – but is a Windows version (or Chrome) likely at all in the foreseeable future? Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel, windows version is not considered for now. Maybe if the market grows, we might consider. Thanks for your attention though. Have a great day! :)

  2. Lluis Guardiola on said:

    Hey I recently bought this app for both mac and iphone and iCloud doesn’t to be working at all. I’m connect to wi-fi and still. Can ya help me out?

    Great app btw, thanks.

    • Dear Lluis,

      Thanks for using My Wonderful Days. :)

      To make iCloud work, on both iPhone and iPad,

      ** Check iCloud availability
      - Go to iPhone or iPad’s settings app.
      - Go to iCloud
      : Check if your account is set properly. It needs to be same on both devices
      : Check if ‘Documents & Data’ is ON

      ** Set iCloud on inside the app
      - Go to My Wonderful Days
      - Tap settings button on bottom right
      - Go to iCloud sync and turn it on
      - Wait awhile

      ** Check if all is stored safely on iCloud
      - Go to iPhone’s settings app.
      - Go to iCloud
      - Go to Storage & Backup
      - Go to ‘Manage Storage’
      - Go to ‘Documents & Data : My Wonderful Days’
      - Entries are named “2012xxxx.entry or 2012xxxx”. Photos are named 2012xxxx_1.png, etc.

      And on your mac, check followings.

      ** Turn iCloud on
      - Tap Apple button on top.
      - Tap ‘System Preferences..”
      - Tap ‘iCloud’ on Internet & Wireless
      - Log in with same ID you’ve used on iPhone

      ** Turn on iCloud sync inside the app.

      If it’s first time you’re using iCloud documents and data sync on your mac, you’ll need to restart your mac to make it work correctly.

      Thanks a lot and hope it works well.

  3. Hi!

    Very nice-looking app. Could be nice with a memo recorder function so you can have some journals as recordings..

  4. Hi,
    I had My Wonderful Days both on my iPhone and my Mac. I set passwords for both of them but they are different. However, the second time I want to use the app on my Mac, it always said wrong password. I am quite sure that I have typed the correct password (and I have also tried many other possibilities). Is there any way that I can unlock it by re-install it or any other way to solve it? I am quite worried about this issue.
    Thank you!

    • Hi. :) I’ve sent you a mail with details. To reset your passcode on mac, you need to have master access to your mac. Do the followings to reset.

      - Open ‘Applications’ folder
      - Open ‘Utilities’
      - Open ‘Keychain access’
      - Look for ‘com.hahainteractive.mywdays’
      - Right click and delete.
      - Launch ‘My Wonderful Days’
      - Enter anything
      - Go to preferences and turn off and turn on passcode to reset

  5. Hi, I am using iPad version of the software. Have been using it quite sometime and this is a good product. Today when I accessed it says wrong password and I am not able to get in. How can I access this application again, any help?

  6. chong on said:

    Hi, Can I use this apps in my Mac, which using Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5?

  7. Rebecca Kiew on said:

    Awesome app – easy interface and cute fonts. Loving it very much!!
    But the only downside is that you can only enter an entry a day – which I am having a hard time to decide what I shall write for the day. I have so many moments and thoughts that I wish to jot down everyday! Have you guys thought of developin apps of this sorts any time soon?? *eyes full of hope*
    Looking forward for the next ‘My Wonderful’ product.

    • haha on said:

      Thanks for your attention. :) We’ll continue to upgrade the app and make it better. :) Also will try to bring you new wonderful apps. Have a wonderful day! :D

  8. Cynthia on said:

    I accidentally switched off my iCloud. My entres all got deleted!! :(
    I tried to turn my iCloud back on but the entries don’t seem to come back. Help!!!

    • Hi Cynthia, would you tell me where you’ve turned it off? Is it inside the app? Or on iPhone’s settings?

      If it’s inside the app and you’ve turned it on again, please wait awhile and it’ll come back.

      If it’s on iPhone’s settings, go inside the app and check if ‘iCloud sync’ is turned on. If not, turn it on and it’ll come in.

      Your email seems to be wrong. Send me an email to and I’ll answer faster. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  9. Alison Edwards on said:

    Hi please could you help me, Ive been using the iphone version for a while and want to sync my entries to my mac version. Can I do this by plugging in my iphone and without using icloud?

    • haha on said:

      Hi Alison. To sync your entries between iPhone and mac, you need to use iCloud. iCloud is ran by Apple and it’s pretty reliable. You can regularly get a backup inside the app so it will be double safe. Thanks a lot!

  10. Jammuji on said:

    Hello, I may sound a bit old fashioned and stupid but… how does the iCloud on this app works. I downloaded this app on iPhone, iPad and Macbook. I started entries in my iPhone before I downloaded the other ones. And now I’m writing entries using my macbook. Does iCloud work automatically? Do I have to press anything to start the sync of entries between devices? Thank you

  11. Dave on said:

    Date syncing does not seem to work. If I enter using my iphone the date syncs properly. But if if I make an entry on my Mac and enter a date that is not todays date when I sync, on the iphone it shows as todays date?????

    • haha on said:

      Hi Dave. Thanks for using My Wonderful Days. :) On Mac, you can write entries on other dates by tapping calendar, choose the date and tap pencil button on bottom right of the calendar. It’ll work well! Thanks!

  12. Hello,
    I recently used this app and made a new password so no one can access what i wrote (my sister was trying to get on :P) and i forgot my passcode. I need to get the stuff that i wrote so i cant delete the app. What should i do?

  13. Debby Kraaijeveld on said:


    Today I downloaded both mac as ipad versions, but on my ipad I can not turn on iCloud sync. It says ‘Can’t connect to iCloud.

    I tried al the help suggestions of the app, but it won’t work.

    Can you help me?

  14. I accidentally deleted the app, I lost all my entries! Is there a way to get it back? ):

    • Sorry about the late answer. Only if you have iCloud sync on, you can get the entries back. Or if you have backups downloaded on your PC/Mac, you can restore it too. Thanks.

  15. Hello,
    I am using iphone version of My Wonderful Days for a long time and set up a password yesterday. Today when I accessed it says wrong password.. How can I get this back again? Would you please help? :)

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Lyn, sorry about late answer. Due to privacy issue, we do not provide any ways to unlock the passcode. Hope you remembered by now! :)

  16. My wife and I are in Austria for 6 months and we have been sharing our “wonderful days” with family and friends back home. We had been able to send pictures, etc. until a few days ago and now for some reason the app will not allow us to do that. Has something changed or are we doing something incorrectly?
    Thanks for your help!

  17. Hi,

    Simply love your my w days app on iphone and ipad. I am planning to buy the Mac version soon but had two queries…

    1. Is there any update coming soon on that version, last update was nearly 3+ months ago

    2. From the comments in app store it seems there is no encryption of the diary, is that something on your roadmap in near future to be happening across all devices soon?

    Thank You.

    • Hi BG,

      Thanks for your attention. We have lots of plans for updates but it’s not coming right away. Encryption is also one of the plans but it’s not in top tier yet. We’re planning to give more options for multimedia and gallery view, etc.

      But current version is already pretty useful so I hope you’ll like it. Thanks again and have a wonderful day. :)

  18. Vita Andersen on said:

    I have my wonderful days on my mac, but sometimes i’m just writing on my phone. but it wan’t by iCloud send the things from my mac to my iPhone. It can send things from my phone to my mac…

    know i have used the 10 free days on my phone.
    But if i have it on my mac, do i have to by the full version on my iPhone then?

    • Hi Vita, Thanks for using My Wonderful Days. Lite version is just trial version so paid version will be a good choice if you’d like to use the app frequently. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. Thanks!

  19. Ebony on said:

    Hi, I’ve forgotten my passcode for the app on my phone. Is there anyway to reset it?


  20. how do I delete an entry?

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